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Who is Cressana?

Cressana® is a Family owned and operated farm in Belgium. Dedicated to providing 100% organic and vegan food-based supplements for a healthy lifestyle they are currently in more than 100 retail locations throughout Europe. Cressana revived an old watercress nursery in Zwalm in 1983. Miriam Coessens (co-founder and wife of Karl) was already convinced of the qualities of watercress (Nasturtium Officinale) when she and her husband Karel van de Velde accidentally discovered the dilapidated nursery in the source area of ​​the Zwalm region. 

Cressana® supplied organic watercress to the fresh local markets for 17 years. A personal interest in health and nutrition led Cressana® to reserve some of the watercress for juice. This concentrated watercress juice proved to be very beneficial, and is currently undergoing multiple clinical and medical trials within Germany and Belgium. The questions from family, friends and neighbours quickly came to the watercress juice, wondering if they too could benefit from watercress' many health qualities (see our Cressana blog posts to learn more). However there soon arose problems with distribution and preserving of the watercress.

Freezing the juice gave the problem that the cold chain had to remain guaranteed, and seem to lower the nutritional actives in the plant concentrates. Then, a solution was born! Freeze drying turned out to be the holy-grail solution.

The freeze-dried watercress concentrate is now the basis of the organic Cressana product ranges. The demand for Cressana® watercress products continued to rise, production and the company grew. Then, hardship struck once again, this time in the form of mother nature. 

After a fire destroyed the entire production facility on their farm, on January 3, 2006 Karl and 
Miriam were undeterred however, and with help from their local community Cressana® built a completely new infrastructure. At the same time they formed a very open and transparent company that is perfectly integrated into the natural environment.

Today Cressana® is a modern and professional family business specialising in the cultivation and processing of organic foods (including watercress) into high-quality nutritional food-based supplements.

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