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What does Cressana do?


  • grows in the green surroundings of the Zwalm region;
  • grows well with the pure spring water of the spring valley;
  • thrives on a natural slope;
  • is grown organically under the control of TUV-Nord-Integra;
  • is regularly analysed by accredited laboratories;
  • is guaranteed of optimal quality;
  • with a high content of active ingredients.


Organic watercress thrives best on a slope and requires healthy, flowing water to grow. The source area of ​​the Zwalm region is an extremely suitable cultivation soil for this purpose.

The watercress season starts as soon as the nights are frost-free and requires alternating sun and some rain. The organic watercress is harvested manually and washed thoroughly in pure water. The watercress is gently air-dried and ground into a paste. The watercress slurry is spread and then freeze-dried to preserve its nutritional and bioactive integrity. The coarse, freeze-dried watercress is then ground to a powder and dosed into easily swallowable vegan capsules or used as a base for other Cressana® products.


Freeze-drying or low-temperature lyophilisation is a very important process to ensure the preservation of all active substances. Freeze-drying watercress extracts the water from this organic product without affecting the active ingredients and avoids heating it up. In a vacuum and under extremely low temperature, water can be converted into vapour, which then turns into crystals. The advantage of lyophilisation is that it reduces the volume, can be stored for a long time and the quality remains intact for a very long time. The capsules that Cressana® uses are of vegan origin (Vcaps - made from HPM-Caps - hypermellose) and provide better protection against oxidation and easier consumption of the freeze-dried watercress.


Macerates are obtained by soaking / macerating the watercress for some time in a vegetable oil, in this case unrefined organic coconut oil. The active ingredients of the organic watercress are thus transferred to the oil. That green base oil becomes an important ingredient for other preparations. It is enriched with whole concentrates or lyophilisates from other valuable plants (example: turmeric, carrot, blueberry) of biological origin. It is also used as a base oil for Cressana Topicals: skin and massage oils.

The organic coconut oil used for the macerates is of high quality. It is prepared from fresh coconuts that are processed into oil no more than 3 days after picking.

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